The Millennial Project 2.0

This firm is specialized to the Aquarius phase and could possibly be absorbed by GreenStar Materials at some point in its life. It would be concerned with the production of energy and industrial materials as products of OTEC operation as well as by-products of mariculture. Energy would be its primary product, delivered directly by long distance marine cable or packaged as hydrogen, hydrides, redox solutions, or methanol. However, it would also deal in the primary by-products of OTEC operation such as ammonia and distilled water. It would additionally pursue development of industrial scale sea water mineral extraction and the exploitation of industrial products produced through algaeculture and mariculture such as chitin and cellulose products, food colorings, silicates, calcite, and pharmacological feedstocks supplied primarily to GreenStar PharmaTech. Other side activities may include cultured pearl farming and the development of other marine energy facilities based on tide and current energy, solar energy, solar power aerostats and satellites, and sea floor rift zone geothermal systems.

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