The Millennial Project 2.0

The Asgard Mining Cooperative would be a firm formed for the purposes of pursuing asteroid materials exploitation and would help coordinate effective asteroid exploitation across a variety of ventures in potentially many settlements in the solar-system. It would also support lunar and planetary mining activities, though most planetary mining would be limited to a domestic market for its products. In order to carry out effective asteroid exploitation a diverse assortment of activities and technologies must be made to work together. These include exploration, tracking, claim registry, assay, mining activities, and bulk semi-processed materials transport, each of which may become the province of separate entrepreneurial ventures. Several modes of asteroid exploitation are possible, ranging from the collection of small loose debris (as well as the salvage of man-made space debris), to the wholesale on-site excavation of asteroids, their conversion into habitats, and the whole capture and transport of asteroids to other orbits for processing. These modes of exploitation may sometimes conflict with each other and the status of individual exploitation claims filed at different times. Unnecessary competition and conflict could lead to delayed orbital development and tension between settlements, so a more coordinated approach through venture cooperation is preferred, hence the need for a mining cooperative which would establish cross-community standardized and accepted claim registries, manage use rights in a cooperative manner, establish commodities markets for asteroid materials, and provide venture capital for different individual mining ventures as well as research capital to pursue new mining technologies.

Though a part of the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative and likely a very close partner of many of its firms, the Asgard Mining Cooperative would not offer much material benefit to its originally terrestrial counterparts as its materials production would be intended exclusively for an extra-terrestrial market, owing to the inability to cost-effectively deliver asteroid materials to Earth. This may one day change with the development of a comprehensive system of large scale Space Elevator facilities but that is likely very far in the future. Most likely it would become part of a parallel extension of the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative which would duplicate many of its companies in space as part of space colony development with no particular goods communication with their terrestrial counterparts. This is one of those aspects of space colonization where one’s investment in space sees dividends that remain in space.

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