The Millennial Project 2.0

Asgard Orbital Services is a firm that is likely to be formed with the creation of the first MUOL, its venture formed around this project and the perpetual support and evolution of it. It would have the general role of creating and maintaining commercial service facilities in space, with the MUOL establishing a business model for this that would carry through to the development of manned habitats. Its orbital facilities would ultimately include leased-space facilities like MUOL’s and MUOF’s, space tourism facilities, on-orbit vehicle service and support facilities, components of the Down-Range Telemetry and Telecom Network - DRT&TN, Inter-Orbital Way Stations, first-generation Inter-Orbital Transports and Cyclic Transports, and first generation Space Elevators which it must all initially support with Earth-side teleoperation and, in some cases, companion leased space manufacturing facilities and custom space hardware development and fabrication. Most of these Earth-side facilities would be hosted on Aquarian marine settlements in proximity to marine launch facilities or directly associated with Space Elevator down-stations. As its facilities evolve into permanent manned settlements it would become a service provider to the Foundation CIC for habitat construction, ceding administrative dominance of these settlements to the CIC while also assuming a role similar to GreenStar Properties in the management and maintenance of the leased space facilities of these settlements. In effect, Asgard Orbital Services would function as a bridge to permanent large scale space development capability by the Foundation CIC, ultimately becoming the CIC’s primary mechanism for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of space settlements.

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