The Millennial Project 2.0

This subsection is a repository for the assortment of technology and artifact designs/concepts that would support the daily activities of Asgard colony inhabitants and help flesh-out the unique lifestyle of the microgravity environment.

Robotics, both as discrete systems and embedded into other artifacts, will be a key fixture of daily life in Asgard, helping to improve the safety of routine maintenance, performing most industrial activity, and making work and movement about the habitat more convenient. It may also be critically important to the possible first sentient artificial intelligent inhabitants of space who may see their first emergence some time in the Asgard phase. For these new progeny of our future culture and information technology, largely limited to life within virtual environments, telerobotics may serve as ‘space suits’ to allow them to participate more directly in the activity of the orbital colony, afford them a sense of self-determination based on the ability to create and maintain the information systems on which their life depends, and better socialize with their organic human counterparts.

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