The Millennial Project 2.0

The Fab-It-Yourself Series would be a special section of the Open Source Everything Project’s blogs and archives that serves as a companion to the Open Fabber Project. It’s role would be to focus on Open Source designs which are specifically intended to accommodate current fabber use in their fabrication and would include both plans, instructions, and software intended to be run on fabbers. Fabbers, especially in their relatively primitive current state, present special complications to the way one designs things to be made using them. They are a real demonstration of the principle of form-following-fabrication. And so it makes sense to give them a special area of the general Open Source design forum –which would also serve to bolster the distinct fabber user community as opposed to the general DIY enthusiast.

The Fab-It-Yourself Series is also likely to exploit the burgeoning popularity of the notion of ‘desktop industry’ by developing many media channels for its project information. It may take the form of a TV program –most likely podcast– as well as a print magazine and a series of books and kits with the most popular project designs.


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