The Millennial Project 2.0

The Foundation Circuit would be a series of periodic conventions organized and hosted by the LUF and run in locations around the globe. The early FMF did organize an annual convention for its members which were quite popular but also very costly and limited largely to the US. Today, a glut of convention centers and hotels around the globe and their recognition of the growing scale of the market thanks to burgeoning small fan communities, sub-culture groups, professional training programs, and technical conferences has now made the costs of conventions much less, their organization much easier, and the range of interesting venues vast. Conventions and conferences can now be organized on a contingency basis, facility reservations contingent on pre-registrations from patrons collected on-line. This has now allowed truly obscure groups and sub-culture communities with little money to organize quite sophisticated events. Even solitary individuals now make the organization of these a personal hobby. And venues range from the traditional hotels to theme parks, wilderness resorts, spa, historic buildings, and cruise liners.

It may take some time for Foundation to cultivate an audience sufficient for routine conventions. Thus an initial tactic would be to exploit the existing space and futurism conventions as forums for meetings of smaller groups of TMP advocates, likely in concert with the TMP 2 Lecture/Presentation Program and Space Advocacy Community Outreach Effort described elsewhere. Over time, more ambitious members of the LUF may choose to take on the mantle of organizer for modest scale conventions in their geographical region, collaborating on scheduling, choice of venues, presentation materials, and promotion, news, and registration web sites with other organizers to establish a coordinated convention circuit that offers members and others interested in TMP a variety of event options for their vacation periods. Convention venues would be chosen to compliment TMP’s themes, with coastal locations, cruise liners, and Modernist architecture being favored. Long-term, the communities established by Foundation and other TMP phases may host these conventions.

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