The Millennial Project 2.0

The Foundation Promotional Effort is a general community member effort intended to promote the vision of TMP and the Foundation Community Network facilities to the public and the space advocacy community. Initially based in the Internet forums and simple web sites of the Living Universe Foundation, it embodies a host of activities supported by volunteer effort and more-or-less amateur media production.

Bringing the Foundation to Life[]

From the first incarnation of the First Millennial Foundation, the Foundation phase has depended primarily on the attraction of Marshal Savage's initial book, The Millennial Project, as its primary promotional tool to generate interest in its activities and community. This book has served well for this to the present day, long after it has actually gone out of print. It's a testament to the compelling vision Savage crafted with TMP and his ability to communicate it. But this draw has waned steadily since the book went out of print and today it is largely up to the member community of the Living Universe Foundation -the second incarnation of the FMF- to promote the TMP vision until Foundation can establish the necessary professional media capability to produce a new incarnation of The Millennial Project book and other associated media. This task will never be completely supplanted by professional publishing efforts because, ultimately, it is the community of members and the prospect of socialization that affords the strongest entertainment value for TMP activities.

Over time, this community based Foundation Promotional Effort will focus increasingly on that social aspect, its activities focused more on social and cultural activities such as conventions, festivals, community art shows, a TMP community science fair, and similar activities. But initially the lack of a professional talent pool, the mean to pay them, and the great need for graphic media creates a demand for this type of work from the volunteer efforts of the community.

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