The Millennial Project 2.0

This member of the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative would be focused on the development and manufacture of advanced farming systems. Things such as home and commercial scale hydroponics, mariculture, and algaeculture, cold-bed agricultural systems, vertical farming systems, containerized automated farming systems, in-space farming systems, turn-key Living Machine toxic abatement, air and water purification, biomining systems, (the use of plants, algae, and bacteria to extract minerals from soils, crushed rock, and water), Closed Environment Life Support Systems, biofuel systems, biogenerator plants (self-contained power plants that use organic waste or self-renewing organic feedstock supplies to provide power), automated and semi-automated animal husbandry systems, meat culturing systems, food irradiation systems and other forms produce processing systems, waste stock recycling for food packaging, and a host of other technologies and devices. It would work closely with GreenStar Biotech  and GreenStar PharmaTech in its R&D. Initial activities would be focused on preparation for Aquarius with such things as hydroponics, algaeculture, and mariculture systems intended for sheltered bay and open sea environments.

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