The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Construction would be one of the most critical members of the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative and key to the economic sustainability of the Foundation CIC. This firm would be a general contracting and engineering firm that would ultimately be responsible for building virtually every facility and settlement in TMP on Earth and in space. Initially, it would be focused on building the modest planned communities of the Foundation phase, which would use fairly conventional construction technology. But it would very quickly have to get used to working in the most cutting-edge building technologies in existence as it supports the creation of the first marine settlements, early space program facilities, and possibly some of the first arcologies on land. GreenStar Construction is the one firm in the cooperative where the capabilities and talents of virtually all other firms in the cooperative would be in demand to support its activities, since its primary job would be the creation of settlements and that demands the most comprehensive application of technology and industrial capability. It is very likely to become the single largest –in economic scale- of all cooperative members.

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