The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Credit Union is one of a series of divisions of the Foundation CIC which would round out its most important development functions. Starting initially as ‘departments’ of the corporation, they would develop with the growth of TMP related communities into largely independent divisions with independent facilities within and without TMP communities and may eventually even evolve into separate subsidiary corporations as part of a Foundation CIC Group.

GreenStar Credit Union is essentially the ‘bank of TMP’. It is a division of the Foundation CIC which administers all the conventional banking services communities need to provide to their citizens in conjunction with the facilities of GreenStar Securities, such as savings and loan, credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts, Internet capital exchange (akin to PayPal), safety deposit boxes, personal investments, and more and would be charged with the task of creating bank branches and Internet banking systems. However, unlike a conventional bank, it’s not run for profit –at least in terms of the services it provides just to citizens of TMP communities. This would one of the key incentives for migration to these communities, though it would likely rely on computers to provide much streamlining of these services compared to typical banks. The Credit Union may also administer many front-end customer services for the financial services offered by GreenStar Securities.

The Credit Union would also have one unusual function compared to banks. It would serve as the front-end to administer the distribution of stock shares under Consumer Stock Ownership Programs offered by various companies in TMP communities and receiving Foundation CIC venture investment. Customer checking, credit, and debit card accounts would thus be linked to the CSOP system to automatically track and distribute consumer earned shares and would use a receipt verification procedure for cash purchase records.

The Foundation CIC would likely have to reach a substantial size before it could start offering such banking services to its citizen-stockholders, since GreenStar Securities would have to create large funds to secure the savings of many people.

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