The Millennial Project 2.0

Renewable Energy Production[]

This firm would be responsible for developing the novel energy systems demanded for TMP communities, with a strong emphasis on development and implementation of renewable energy technology. Key among these would be OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion), advanced broadband photovoltaics, thermovoltaics, solar-dynamic systems, and advanced hydrolysis systems as well as energy packaging mediums and distribution/recycling infrastructures for hydrogen, hydride materials, redox solutions, and advanced battery and ‘supercapacitor’ technology. Initially, Foundation’s pursuit of OTEC technology is likely to be in conjunction with companies like Sea Solar Power while its use of photovoltaics and most other renewable energy systems will rely on the diversity of off-the-shelf products in the solar power market. But ultimately TMP communities will need a truly independent energy infrastructure of tremendous scale with the capability to locally manufacture many of these high-tech systems –especially those intended for space deployment. Long-term GreenStar Energy will be expected to push into very advanced areas including aerostat and orbital solar power systems, long range beamed energy, superconductor power transmission, geothermalvoltaic systems, fusion energy, antimatter energy, and nuclear isomer power storage.

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