The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Modular Building Products is a firm which specializes in the development of modular component building systems. It would get its start in the work of the Open Source Everything Project and specifically its work on the Utilimobile Project and the Utilihab Project . It may also find its origins in development of the first Foundation Communities or the first Aquarius seed settlement using the Prefab Resort Complex design concept and building products such as TomaTech which offer unlimited potential for new compatible component development.

Modular component building systems will feature prominently in much of TMP, both because of their key functional virtues and their nature as a Post-Industrial technology enabling the independent on-demand construction of complex durable structures. Early terrestrial settlements may be built entirely with them while Aquarius and other arcology-like structures may employ them extensively for spontaneously adaptable interior finishing of their large generic spaces. This will also extend in the development of emergency and poverty relief products. In space, these systems will be responsible for virtually all fabrication of settlements, facilities, and vehicles on orbit as well as interior outfitting in excavated settlements. The essential limitation of in-space manufacture that one cannot make anything inside a habitat that cannot fit through some kind of pressure hatch compels the use of this technology as no other environment has and will require it to achieve an exceptional degree of sophistication and performance. This reliance on such technology in space will persist for a long time, right up until the development of the most advanced forms of nanofabrication such as NanoFoam.

Most of the systems GreenStar Modular Building Products will focus on will fall into one of several categories; post and beam framing systems, modular segment box truss frames, socket-node space frame systems, and tensegrity truss and other tension cable hybrid structures. Development will tend to divide into basic structural systems and the modular ‘finishing and accessory’ components that attach to them and provide enclosure, partition, and integral functionality. The market potential of these kinds of building systems is infinite but to date none have been able to achieve ubiquity or lasted very long because their developers have always failed to understand the nature of industrial ecologies like that upon which the electronics and computer industries are based. Starting with technology that is either de-facto generic or deliberately Open Source, GreenStar Modular Building Products would be compelled to regards its systems in terms of open ‘platforms’ for diverse products development and so may more easily achieve what has so long eluded those working in this technology.

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