The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Properties is one of a series of divisions of the Foundation CIC which would round out its most important development functions. Starting initially as ‘departments’ of the corporation, they would develop with the growth of TMP related communities into largely independent divisions with independent facilities within and without TMP communities and may eventually even evolve into separate subsidiary corporations as part of a Foundation CIC Group.

GreenStar Properties is charged with the task of property management for the commercially leased portions of real estate developed by the CIC. Essentially, it is tasked with the dual role of being landlord and salesman for these properties. It would also offer these same services to businesses/people who own –though CIC shares- portions of TMP communities and choose to lease them for profit.

This division would also administer property distribution and exchange to individuals and businesses who own CIC stock and exercise their space use option on it. This would also include management/maintenance of finished building spaces (since most TMP communities would be based on some form of community macrostructure with different uses pre-specified in design) and the marketing and ‘sale’ of specific units through stock purchase. Ultimately this would include a lot of diverse real estate from loft unit spaces on Aquarius colonies to habitat spaces in orbit and in space settlements.

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