The Millennial Project 2.0

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GreenStar Resorts would be a business venture of the Foundation CIC which would function relatively independently of the other business activities of the CIC but may employ real estate within its various communities, particularly as these communities grow in scale and especially as marine settlement capability is developed. This would be one of the CIC’s few strictly for-profit real estate development activities and would be focused on the creation and operation of resort facilities using the various construction methods and architectural styles employed in Foundation Communities. Most of the previously described Eco-Community Design Concepts along with the Aquarius Seed Settlement Design Concepts have direct application in the creation of resort facilities most anywhere on the globe and this is potentially a highly profitable activity. Both ‘resort communities’ where housing units are sold or rented whole for extended periods and largely maintained by their occupants or conventional ‘full service’ resorts where hotel or spa style accommodations are accompanied by elaborate recreational and entertainment facilities could be employed, depending on up-front investment and target markets.

Resorts could also be utilized as a means of promoting TMP, using it as a theme for their architecture and recreational features, though this is probably less marketable in this context without being combined with specific space tourism facilities such as ‘space camp’ or tourist-astronaut training venues, tourism launch systems, and observational facilities for routine launch activity. Generally, the tourism potential in elements of TMP rests in the unique environments of its architecture and locations, as opposed to showcasing its story and vision which has more value as media.

GreenStar Resorts could become a major source of revenue for the early stages of TMP and a key draw for external investment capital. However, there is a distinct cultural aversion to the concept of resort development among space and environmental advocates and it isn’t always conducive to the environment of permanent residence. Thus it seems more likely that the pursuit of this activity would be in isolation of at least the smaller earlier communities.

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