The Millennial Project 2.0

Robotics has long been an industry accused of developing expensive solutions to non-existant problems. Thus with the exception of companies that specialized entirely on robotics for factory production, robotics firms have tended to be a risky prospect. National space programs have also seemed to have a hard time understanding the practical purpose of robotics, largely because of an attitude that robotics was a competitor to the hegemony of ‘man in space’ agendas. But TMP presents a very diverse series of very specific applications for robotics. PRT, PPT, and other automated transportation systems, above and below water maintenance systems, diverse medical robotics, challenging industrial automation in areas of farming and construction, and a vast assortment of space telerobotics applications like orbital tether climbers and advanced mobile in-space manipulators, elaborate self-contained orbital laboratories and factories, and a whole large family of space-transportable telerobots for asteroid exploitation and lunar a planetary telerobotic pre-settlement. Clearly, robotics will be a critical industry to the pursuit of TMP and thus we arrive at the purpose for GreenStar Robotics.

Closely allied to GreenStar DigiTech, GreenStar Codeworks, and GreenStar Toolworks, GreenStar Robotics is likely –like many other members of the industrial cooperative– to see its start in the work of the Open Source Everything Project and semi-professional attempts by LUF members to create demonstration lunar and planetary settlement mock-ups. But its most practical first products are likely to be variations on the contemporary marine telerobots which would be employed for maintenance and construction applications on Aquarius colonies as well as the first systems in support of the Modular Unmanned Orbital Laboratory – MUOL.

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