The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Securities is one of a series of divisions of the Foundation CIC which would round out its most important development functions. Starting initially as ‘departments’ of the corporation, they would develop with the growth of TMP related communities into largely independent divisions with independent facilities within and without TMP communities and may eventually even evolve into separate subsidiary corporations as part of a Foundation CIC Group.

Financing the Future[]

GreenStar Securities is charged with the task of developing and managing a series of financial instruments which are used to park CIC capital and establish the basis of various financial services offered to CIC community residents through the GreenStar Credit Union, GreenStar Ventures, the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative, and eventually the GreenStar Free-Market Exchange Network, if it develops. Among the instruments it would develop are mutual funds, a money-market fund, insurance systems, and various loan services.

GreenStar Securities would also be charged with the task of activities involved with the sale and exchange of CIC stock. This would include sale and buy-back of the stock as well as the development of various real estate space exchange tables in coordination with GreenStar Properties –this because of the need to adjust the relative value of community space for those CIC stockholders exercising their space use option on a location-by-location basis according to local demand, open market value, and other conditions.

Long-term, and with the development of Aquarius phase communities that are remote enough to be politically autonomous, GreenStar Securities would seek to develop an independent digital market exchange system akin to NASDAQ which links up the many communities of TMP as well as major financial centers of the Earth. However, unlike existing digital market systems this would never ‘close’ at any given time of the day because its market architecture would be distributed among communities around the globe. It would also be more diverse in the variety of instruments it hosts. Starting with the stock of TMP-related businesses including CIC ‘common’ stock and then expanding into those of the market in general, it would also deal in commodities and microloans and in direct trade of commodities. Whereas most exchanges are based on a paradigm of exclusivity, this would digital market would be inclusive in the extreme, looking to integrate to and take over as much of the global exchange infrastructure as practical. This would set the foundation for the later development of the GreenStar Free-Market Exchange Network, which would be a global resource exchange network.

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