The Millennial Project 2.0

GreenStar Toolworks would be a tool maker. However, it would not make hammers and screwdrivers, power drills and circular saws. It would make the very sophisticated, very flexible, very compact digitally controlled tools of the Post-Industrial age. Advanced automated machine tools using non-contact cutting technology like lasers, hydrojets, and the like, automated looms that print fabrics like a computer printer, computer printers that ‘weave’ paper like it was fabric as they print, desktop IC foundries, fabbers, and eventually nanofabrication systems. And though its usual line-up of systems would focus on desktop/benchtop designs, it would also seek to develop modular component systems able to support various portable large sized deploy-on-demand tools for light duty fabrication of large artifacts and fixed installation but rapid reconfigured industrial scale systems for the garage-shop or light industrial setting, with it’s ultimate goal being the development of a kind of fabber large and sophisticated enough that it can actually produce an entire launch vehicle on-demand as per the MODroc concept. In other space applications, it would also be responsible for aiding development of self-contained laboratory and factory modules used by the MUOL, MUOF, and telerobotic pre-settlements. It may also delve into unusual areas such as semi-autonomous fabrication robots such as self-mobile house painting systems, self-mobile printers that can paint sophisticated graphics over vast areas, building extruder robots that ‘fab’ whole buildings, automated cooking systems which apply the logic of fabbers to food preparation, household meat tissue culturing systems, self-replenishing refrigerators that interface to PPT systems, and many other unusual fabrication concepts.

The Toolworks is likely to see its origins in the work of the Open Source Everything Project and in particular the Open Fabber Project and FIY - Fab-It-Yourself Series. Responsible for many of the very advanced tools used by most of the industries in the cooperative, it would be particularly closely allied to GreenStar Codeworks, GreenStar DigiTech, GreenStar Materials, and GreenStar Robotics.

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