The Millennial Project 2.0

This firm would have the role of developing all of TMP’s transportation systems except aircraft and spacecraft systems, which would be the province of its close partner GreenStar Aerospace. It would be concerned mostly with terrestrial transportation and since it’s likely beginning may be in the Aquarius phase (perhaps starting out as the firm Aquarius Marine) it would focus largely on marine transportation and the mass-production of PPT and PRT systems developed in concert with GreenStar Robotics as well as many forms of alternative energy vehicles from human-powered ultralight cars to railway systems. It would be the primary supplier of vehicles to GreenStar Transit It’s likely first projects may be the development of a PPT system for larger Foundation CIC proto-arcology projects or the early Solar Ferry, Solar Wingsail Cruiser, and EcoCruiser. Long-term, however, it may be responsible for the development of vehicles and tracked/railed transit systems for use on lunar and planetary settlements as well as terrestrial high-speed mag-lev railway systems eventually deployed in a marine setting as the Aquarian Circum-Equatorial Transit Network; a high-speed underwater rail system linking the continents of the Earth through a chain of Aquarian marine settlements.

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