The Millennial Project 2.0

In order to achieve the goals of TMP and to flesh-out the full range of needs within any given community, the Foundation CIC needs to engage in much more than simply investing in property and construction. When developing communities whole one must account for a very large diversity of activity and services. Often new communities need a variety of commercial services like restaurants, shops, recreational venues, special forms of transportation, shipping, telecommunications, and must provide citizens with local employment or entrepreneurial opportunities to make relocation to a community attractive. These things would not always be practical to support by direct management of the CIC. Thus they may need to be operated as for-profit ventures, ideally owned and managed by citizens of the communities they’re in. Similarly, figuring out how to get to and operate in space means developing a lot of new technology and systems that, again, it isn’t always practical for the CIC to directly pay for. It’s much more practical to let these things exploit the open market in order to get them to pay for themselves. But even if the CIC is not directly doing these things itself, it needs a mechanism to help get them started and good way to do that is by venture investment.

This is the purpose of GreenStar Ventures. This division’s role is to serve as a venture capital firm where a portion of CIC capital can be invested in business activities that are conducted in or by TMP community citizens for the purpose of enhancing TMP communities or enabling TMP objectives. To accomplish this GreenStar Ventures would work in concert with GreenStar Securities and the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative and under advisement of local community cooperatives and the collective GreenStar Community Cooperative.

Business ventures that the CIC invests in through this division would have to conform to specific criteria and conditions. They would either need to be related in purpose to the objectives of TMP or related to the needs of TMP communities. They would have to be owned and operated by TMP community residents or employ them and ideally be located in one or another TMP community. They would also be required to support ESOPs (employee stock ownership programs) and CSOPs (consumer stock ownership programs) where they reached a certain size and product/service importance and if industrial in nature may be required to become members of the GreenStar Industrial Cooperative.

In the Foundation Phase GreenStar Ventures would have limited resources and its focus would be predominately on community enhancement and the creation of key capabilities supporting Aquarius phase development and very early space activities.

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