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The Millennial Project 2.0

The Millennial Project is a comprehensive plan for space development, beginning with the terrestrial cultivation of an environmentally sustainable civilization and Post-Industrial culture and culminating, far in the future, in the colonization of our immediate stellar neighborhood. The TMP2 project is specifically a project of the Living Universe Foundation community to continually update and revise the content of the original plan as described by Marshal T. Savage in his book The Millennial Project.

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TMP 2.0 Breakdown


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  • Elysium Supporting Technologies



TMP Cultural Evolution

Transhumanism and TMP

Economics, Justice, and Government in TMP

Key Disruptive Technologies of the Post-Industrial Era

  • Modular Building Systems
  • Desktop Manufacture and The Internet of Things
  • Programmable Matter/Smart Materials
  • Nanofabrication and its Evolution
  • Medical, Prosthetic, and Cosmetic Applications of Nanotechnology
  • Future Information Technology
    • Distributed Computers and the Personal Domain
    • Virtual Computers
    • Control Webs, Sensor Nets, and Distributed Awareness
    • Virtual Habitat Platforms
    • Artificial Intelligence and its Evolution
      • Active and Passive Agents and Cognitive Augmentation
      • Virtual People and the Evolution of Artificial Sentience
      • Possibilities and Implications of UpLift
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Antimatter

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