The Millennial Project 2.0

This section catalogs a series of design concepts for Aquarius Seed settlements. Owing to the simple nature of foam core ferro-cement platforms used by these structures in sheltered water locations, the Seed settlements of Aquarius will enjoy a much greater freedom in architecture than they will later in their development, when the constraints of an open sea environment and much larger Pneumatically Stabilized Platforms favors the use of heavy masonry construction. But the early stages of settlement also demand very rapid evolution of the community structure as populations grow rapidly and activities and facilities change. This favors building systems which support spontaneous adaptation while still providing a comfortable living environment. However, in the case of Organic design, aesthetics may override these more practical concerns owing to residents' desire for an organismic-appearing architecture even if current free-form ferro-cement building technology is rather far from organismic in its potential for adaptation.

Most Seed settlements are likely to employ some variation of the Chinese Mansion organization -named for the walled circular villages of the Hakka communities. Common among eco-village designs, this parallels the basic theory of organization for arcologies, where the built structure becomes the demarcation between the exterior and public environments while hosting the private space of individuals. With Seed settlements this would most likely take the form of some type of radial architecture which shelters a central community garden that expands with the concentric growth of the community. Some communities may even opt to employ domed structures or tension roofs over this space, particularly where the climate is cooler or winds much stronger than initial single-storey structures can shelter. This would actually make some Seed settlements strong analogies to the excavated architecture of future lunar and planetary settlements.


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