The Millennial Project 2.0

In this subsection we catalog some of the important technologies whose development and use may characterize the Solarian civilization. Omitted from this list, however are two of the most significant of these technologies; nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, both of which we will be discussing in detail in the section Key Disruptive Technologies of the Post-Industrial Era because of their significance across many of TMP’s phases of development. By the Solarian age, these two technologies will come fully into their own, characterized by the ubiquitous use of the intelligent self-assembling/self-transforming material known as NanoFoam and sentient artificial intelligence advanced, both technically and culturally, to a general acceptance of full ‘personhood’ with the possibility of relatively easy transition between organic and inorganic human life. We’ll be discussing the ramifications of that in the section on Transhumanism and TMP.

As for the other technologies noted here, they represent key elements of the solar-system-spanning infrastructure of the solar civilization -the basis of a solar-orbital energy and materials network sustaining a population possibly orders of magnitude greater than the Earth alone bears today.

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