The Millennial Project 2.0

The Space Advocacy Community Outreach effort is an informal program of the Foundation Community Network whose objective is to spread awareness of TMP among the space advocacy community and develop a greater awareness of the collective state of space advocacy world-wide. This is accomplished simply by encouraging members of the LUF to participate in other space advocacy groups and their events.

One of the problems with space advocacy today is the competitiveness between space advocacy groups when, in general, they are each focused on visions of space development that are so extremely narrow -based on such simple objectives or simple concepts of life in the future- that they would have great difficulty of being accomplished individually. A civilization is an ecology of systems. Living in space means cultivating just such a comprehensive ecology in that challenging environment. And so it would seem to make sense that space advocacy groups would seek complimentary collaboration in support of their individual objectives. In practice, these organizations tend to function and behave like religions, insisting that ideas other than their own are largely irrelevant, illogical, or implausible, cultivating a sense of exclusivity to their communities rather than being inclusive, and regarding themselves as being in competition for a limited pool of public -and sometimes government- attention. And, of course, it doesn't help that, because of poor education and the current culture's casual tendency to mix fantasy, religion, and science, a lot of space advocacy visions are indeed rooted in utter nonsense and have pseudo-religious ideologies. TMP is in the unique position of offering the single-most comprehensive vision of space development to ever be devised. Thus is has the potential to encompass most of the realistic and plausible activities any other space advocacy groups may envision. This offers great potential for collaboration and eventual integration/assimilation of many competing groups -if a sufficiently comprehensive understanding of the state of space advocacy worldwide can be developed, the junk-science groups can be weeded-out, and the most promising groups introduced to TMP in a non-antagonistic fashion.

Please review our List of Space Advocacy Organizations, with information on where each one fits into the LUF scope and vision.

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