The Millennial Project 2.0

The TMP 2 Lecture/Presentation Program is a promotional program based on creating a series of lecture and visual or multimedia presentations intended for use at conferences and conventions. These presentations would consist of a series of scripts for presenters and accompanying material ranging from PowerPoint shows and simple placards to large professional trade show displays based on free-standing printed screens and banners setup as a walk-through presentation possibly equipped with additional multimedia features. Initially, these presentations would rely on volunteer effort for their creation and presentation, relying on members with the freedom to travel the existing space advocacy and aerospace industry and science convention and conference circuit. Later, the Foundation Media arm of Foundation may assume this program and employ professional trade show presenters.

One of the failings of the original FMF was a lack of concerted presence on the space conference and convention circuit, which world-wide is exceptionally large and comprises an audience of hundreds of thousands -many aerospace industry professionals. A few members experimented with this, but there was no concerted effort, perhaps because the FMF had more interest in creating a convention circuit of its own. The problem -aside from limited member interest (it takes bold people to personally present things before an audience)- was a lack of more-or-less standardized good quality presentation materials and patron hand-out materials which could be duplicated cheaply, quickly, and easily and distributed among members world-wide who might be interested in attending these events. Today we have many more options along these lines. Presentation software is cheaper and easier to use. Trade show materials are cheaper and easier to have made. And there are many more novelty items to choose from that can be cheaply made -such as Moo Card packs. But much still depends on access to quality artwork and on people with the sort of gregarious personality that tends to be scarce among the nerd community most interested in space these days.

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