The Millennial Project 2.0

In this category we are collecting a series of music set lists which suit the themes of TMP, life in the future, contemporary and future life at sea and in space, and the experience of space travel. These lists may eventually be used in media production or at least inspire music development for such work. (note: this category is for the set lists of music only. DO NOT attempt to upload any actual music files)

  • Foundation set (general themes of the future and cultural and social transformation)
  • Aquarius set (themes of sea, construction, and future life arranged to tell the story of Aquarius from founding to Space Elevator Terminus)
  • Arcology set (themes of grand scale construction, future travel, and the urban future arranged to tell the story or urban transformation from the eco-village to the arcology)
  • Spaceflight set (themes to accompany depictions of launch and space travel)
  • Exocet Alpha set (themes of island life, sailing, and adventure depicting the story of early sea launch rocketry)
  • Orbital Life set (themes of life in space, from Earth orbit to the outer reaches of the solar system)
  • Life On Mars set (themes of the settlement, development, and terraforming of Mars and the unique culture it may develop}
  • Starship set (arrangement telling the story of the first mission to colonize another star system)
  • Technology set (themes of science, technology, and their cultural impact arranged to suggest a journey from the Industrial Age to the Post-Industrial future)
  • The Transhumanist Spectrum set (themes of the curious culture in a transhumanist future)
  • Solarian Age set (themes of a Post-Singularity solar-civilization)
  • Fun set (humorous music in the themes of space, technology, and the future)