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Jamal Wills a.k.a. Zemoxian[]

Hello, it's me. Former webmaster and long time lurker of the LUF/FMF. I intend to use this page to collect links that I may find to be of use for reference and also for getting around the LUF Constellation of websites.

Coincidentally I've just signed up on Wikipedia, so I'll be learning on two of these wikis.

Well, here goes, off the top of my head we have:

The LUF Constellation[]

Reference links[]

The Zemoxian Constellation[]

Zemoxian Philosophy[]

I am a philosopher at heart. That means, I tend to spend more time thinking, than doing. I have been oganizing my thoughts on space colonization for quite some time. I'll try and integrate my thoughts with the content in TMP2. I'll also try and update them on the Zemox Box as time permits.

My contributions[]


Possible Articles[]

  1. The Decennial Project
  2. The Centennial Project
  3. The Millennial Project
  4. The Eon Project

Some notes on possible additions to Foundation and Template:Foundation[]

  • Foundation Community Network
    • Foundation Chapters - return to a chapter system when membership reaches a high enough density to support it. Also paves way for "Maker" communities
    • Young People's Organization - for younger people with interests--particularly as a mentorship toward academic and social achievement, as well as future membership recruitment
    • Foundation Campus Network - student membership/clubs for academic chapters
    • On-Line Community Program
    • Open Source Everything Project
      • Open Source Software - standard software distributions to promote common open source development environments
      • Open Ecosphere Project and/or Open CELSS Project - what's the difference between Ecospherics and CELSS? This could lead to the kit discussed earlier.
    • Open University - An informal institution forming a distributed academia for life long education
      • Open Courseware Network - moved under the new topic
      • Open Research Systems - How to conduct rigorous research outside of traditional academia
      • Foundation Library Project - a virtual library project combining open sourced texts and a virtual bookstore
  • Foundation Media
    • TMP Games Project - broadening the games initiative
      • M3 Game Project - moved under games project
      • insert additional game titles here
    • Children's Media Project - media for children's education and entertainment related to Foundation goals
  • Foundation CIC
    • GreenStar Ecospherics - commercial ecospherics firm for robust green/off-the-grid living
  • Foundation Communities
    • perhaps more on commercial, industrial, academic, etc. architecture



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