The Millennial Project 2.0

The Xmaran is a hexagonal plan sailboat with a trimaran hull configuration. This ecologically mobile cruiser comfortably lives a small family. It may not be fast, but it is inherently stable and rugged. The hexagonal plan lends itself to rafting up with as many as six other Xmarans simultaneously, providing the ability to create small semi-permanent communities in protected waters or temporary communities at sea in temperate zones.

Cruising trimaran sailboat: the ultimate in zero emissions travel. This design utilizes a ferrocement hull. The triple hull design lends itself to a hexagonal plan.

The hexagonal plan of these trimarans enables multiple vessels to raft up in various configurations. Once a raft is anchored and secured, small scale mariculture can be practiced, and masts can be used for mounting windturbines.

Rafts provide the seed for larger scale structures that can act as a base for more permanent sea colonization